Pug Rescue of North Carolina
Pug Picnic 2005
Adopt a Rescue . . . Save a Life

Pug Rescue of North Carolina (PRONC) was founded on May 11, 2000 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Since then, we have had hundreds of pugs come through and we have seen many changes. We have been blessed with so many foster homes, volunteers, sponsors and adoptive families who have each done their part to make saving these wonderful pugs possible.


The need seems to become greater every year with the increased popularity of the breed and so many people suffering disruptions in their lives which make giving up their beloved companions a necessity. Of course, there are the large and small breeding facilities that have been closed down, leaving their breeding stock in need of rehabilitation and placement.


With the increased demand and loss of some organizations that became overwhelmed with the ever-increasing need, Pug Rescue of North Carolina has expanded our mission to include surrounding states and we have been called upon to help in large-scale kennel closures from even farther away. Thanks to our supporters and the commitment of our founder and her volunteers, we have been able to offer PRONC's services to fill some of the gaps in the availability of Pug Rescue.

Our Mission


Pug Rescue of North Carolina is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Pug Dog Breed. We rescue pugs in crisis, carefully nursing them back to health, physically and emotionally, in individual PRONC volunteer's homes. Each pug is treated as family until such time as a suitable home, which has been screened and approved by the membership, can be located.


Many pugs come to PRONC with minor to severe health challenges. We make every effort to save each animal that comes into our care, saving euthanasia for only the extreme and very rare case where there is no other reasonable option. We have every pug evaluated by a veterinarian and they are spayed/neutered, heartworm checked, micro-chipped and brought up to date on all vaccinations.