UPDATE:  June 25, 2006


Vcitory HomeI continue to thrive with each passing day, thanks to each and every one of you!  I now have plenty of good food, water, a soft cozy bed and arms of love all around me.  For all you have done digging so deep in your pockets and sending donations, and prayers to save me, I Thank you and send tons of warm fuzzy wet puggly kisses!


In my darkest hours I ask God to please take away my pain and hunger and send me someone that could love and take care of me. I never imagined there could be so much "REAL" love like yours in the whole universe. . .


I got my first bath today and boy that shampoo massage felt so good!  My foster Mom was very careful to not get my face wet because of my surgery.  By the way I don't have pain in my eye any longer!  Mom seems to think I do by giving me some kind of pill.  She gives me some great tasting cheese and I love it, by the way I know that pill is hidden in there........


UPDATE:  June 26, 2006


This little girl is amazing to say the least.  She has a strong will to survive and has NEVER lost her spirit due to the bad neglect she has endured!!!!!!!  She is blooming, bouncy and just loves life!


UPDATE:  June 27, 2006


Since there has been no change in her, or her care I will not be posting every day.  I will only post changes in her condition up to the day she get the stitches out of her eye. She has an appointment July 3, 2006


We are maintaining everything the same right now. I am just trying to feed her all she will eat until I take her back to the doctor to get the stitches out of her eye.


She loves to be near someone all the time, so she is getting tons of love, attention and she loves to play and be held.

I didn't want to bore anyone with the same posts :) every day.


UPDATE:  June 28, 2006


12:56 pm est.  My foster Mom wanted to put on on this strange looking thing just now!  I didn't like it at all, so I kept trying to get away.  She kept insisting that I stand finally I did what she said.  Then...... I saw her HUGE TEETH, which made me wonder if she was going to growl at me!  She didn't of course but she did start loving all over me and acting really happy and playfully with me and was barking these words to me;   Good girl, YOU are gaining weigh Vicki you now weigh 12.8 lb !!!!  Does this mean I am getting fat?


UPDATE:  July1, 2006


I hope you don't mind if I sing today!


I feel na na na na na....Like I know that I na na na na na na  So right  .  . So right....I GOT YOU ! I weigh 13 lb today and feel wonderful!

Victory in her T Shirt


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mindy for all she has done to help me!

Thank you for my new shirt (Pugs For Peace)


UPDATE:  July 3, 2006


Victory went back to the vet today and weighed in at 13.2 lb and she removed the stitches.  The vet said today Victory was between the ages of 4 or 5 years old.  She said she was looking wonderful, but wanted to do another tear test to check for dry eye in her good one. 

The tear test came back normal and stated the dry eye before was coming from the severe infection she had in the bad eye she removed.  So there is no longer a need for drops in the good eye.


All Victory needs now is to gain more weigh and check back with the vet in two or three months for a teeth cleaning and check up.


UPDATE:  July 6, 2006


I am still eating well, loving life and will have no problem gaining my weight and strength back.  Keep those prayers coming.


UPDATE:  July 14, 2006


I weigh 16 pounds now and am doing perfectly fine!  My foster Mom has been calling me Miss Vicki for short and I really love this new name and it fits me perfect.  I jump and come running when she calls me that!


Warm words from the shelter Manager and team that saved Victory and got her to us.


Hey Chris,


We have Victory's story on the front page of our website. She looks great! Thanks for making a difference. 


Send our regards to her foster mom and big hug from everyone at FCAC!


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Thank you Mindy and Jenna for sending me such pretty clothes to wear and my new blanket is really soft and cozy!  I will certainly enjoy it while cuddled up with my new toys you sent me.


I had fun showing off my new shirt while shopping at All Pet Considered in Greensboro, NC while Pug Rescue had a fundraiser to help other neglected pugs like I was!   Good thing I had my nail toes paint pink so I matched and looked great for everyone who loved on me today.


 "I think I can really get use to this thing called "Spoiling"


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Thank you for making a difference!